Excited to announce the release of the new Mac app for Airlist!

Airlist for Mac


Out now is the latest Airlist update for iOS 16 — now you can personalize your home or lock screen with brand new widgets. Quickly add new items, initiate a search, or view a list of your Starred or Saved Searches.



Today’s a big release for Airlist. Already, you can set Due and Start dates on any item, along with custom filters in Saved Searches, you have unlimited flexibility how you stay organized.

Now, you can set Due and Start TIMES!


Previously only available on the web… now, on iOS and iPadOS, you can paste plaintext or markdown to create items in Airlist.

For OPML, follow the below format.

<opml version="2.0">
        <outline text="Filters">
            <outline text ="Approved/deny">
            <outline text ="Collections">
            <outline text ="Delivery">

Now it’s easier than ever to set start or due dates with Natural Date Search.

For example, you can type “3 days”, “tomorrow”, “weekend”, “June” “Next month”, “4/5”, etc… The parser is incredibly flexible and can understand just about anything you throw at it.


Quickly add an item to Airlist from any screen with the new Quick Add.

Simply press CMD/Ctrl + alt + n or open Command Center (CMD/Ctrl + k) and select Quick Add.

Custom Icons


Now, it’s easier than ever to create lists in Airlist. Simply copy and paste any plain text or markdown list to directly import.

Airlist even has smart formatting for certain markdown syntax:

  • #header turns into “project” formatting
  • ##header turns into “header” formatting
  • “-“ and “*” are removed from the start of lists

You can now edit multiple items at once with “multi-select” on iOS (iPhone and iPad). Check out the video to see how.

Try it now through TestFlight.


📱iOS App on TestFlight

Join the TestFlight beta for both iPhone and iPad.

🖥 Matching Colors on iOS 15 and MacOS Monterey

Safari on Monterey

😀 Other Improvements


This is the experience you have been waiting for. A native and modern outliner for iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Try it now through TestFlight.


🎁 New Features

  • Setup the backend for Stripe purchasing

🦾 Improvements

  • Max width is much wider (from 700px to 900px)
  • Increased line height for the blog (easier on the eyes)
  • Tag autocomplete respects Show/Hide Completed setting
  • References respect Show/Hide Completed setting


Introducing backlinks and references

References and Backlinks


It’s been a little while since the last post and for good reason. We’ve been pretty busy.

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There’s only one reason why we’d implement Sign In With Apple…

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