New Deep Shortcuts Integration

Today is a huge update for Airlist with a new deep integration with Apple Shortcuts.


Included are 9 new shortcut actions that allow you to create custom automations and workflows.

  • Create Item
  • Edit Item
  • Find Item
  • Get Item
  • Get Items from a Saved Search
  • Get Current View Information
  • Open Item
  • Open Saved Search
  • Run Airlist URL

Read about the details of each shortcut here.

These new actions allow you to do some powerful new automations. For example:

  • Find all items with the tag #someday that are 30 days old and set the start date to tomorrow
  • Create a new item due tomorrow at 1:00pm
  • Find all overdue items and set their due date to today
  • Create an item called Archive and move all completed items to it

Have fun!

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