Airlist Shortcuts Actions

Airlist provides several actions for Apple’s Shortcuts app so that you can build customized workflows.

  1. Create
    • Create Item
  2. Editing
    • Edit Item
  3. Filter
    • Find Item
    • Get Item
    • Get items from a Saved Search
    • Get Saved Search Information
  4. Get
    • Get Current View information
  5. Open
    • Open Item
    • Open Saved Search
  6. URL
    • Run Airlist URL

Airlist Types

  1. Item
  2. Saved Search

Item Type

Every “thing” that has a bullet point in Airlist is considered an ‘Item’. Below are the available Item properties that you can interact with in Shortcuts.



- The unique identifier of an Item. Use this to make other interactive actions.


- The name of an Item. This is the main item’s text.


- The note of an Item. Appears under the Item in a smaller, grey font.


- Returns true or false for if the Item is starred.


- The item’s start date and time. In many action’s you have the ability to specify a certain time, or just the date.


- The item’s due date and time. In many action’s you have the ability to specify a certain time, or just the date.


- Returns a list of Item IDs for each Item indented under this Item.


- Returns a true of false if the Item is completed.


- If the Item is complete, then this returns the date it was completed on.


- Date of when the Item was created.


- Date of when the Item was last updated.


- Returns a list of all the tags on the Item.


- The parent the Item is contained in.


Create Item

Creates a new Item. Item ‘name’ is required, all other are optional. If no Parent is selected, then it will default to the root “Home” Item.

Return value -> The Newley created ‘Item’

Edit Item

Edit’s an ‘Item’s’ properties. Available properties to edit are:

  • Complete
  • Name
  • Note
  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Tags
  • Parent

Return value -> List of ‘Item’ IDs that have been edited

Find Item

Filter Items based on one or more ‘Item’ parameters.

Return value -> List ‘Item’ 44

Get Item

This action takes an ‘Item’s’ ID, and returns the ‘Item’. (Which you could then edit or open, for instance).

Return value -> ‘Item’

Get Items from a Saved Search

This action returns the current results for a Saved Search.

Return value -> List of ‘Item’

Get Current View Information

Returns the current state of Airlist including the ID for what Item is active, it’s parent ID, if it’s a Saved Search, and it’s children.

Return value ->

- ‘id’
- ‘parent_id’
- ‘is_saved_search’
- ‘children’

Open Item

Opens the Item in Airlist.

Open Saved Search

Opens the ‘Saved Search’ in Airlist.

Run Airlist URL

You can run an Airlist URL to utilize Airlist’s URL Scheme.

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