New in Airlist 1.10

Multi Move on both iPhone and Mac

First, select the items you want to move:

  • iPhone: On iPhone swipe from right to left to open command center, press “Select”.
  • iPad or Mac: You have several options
    1. “CMD” + “Shift” + “L”
    2. Clicking “Select” in the menubar or Command Center
    3. Holding “CMD” and clicking on an item

Then using Command Center, select “Move”, search where you’d like to move the items to.

You can also do the same with indenting. Just select the items you want to indent, and Command Center, the Menu Bar, or press the “Tab” key (“Shift” + “Tab” to reverse indent).

Date Improvements

Date Improvements

On Mac, simply right click on a date to set to Today, Tomorrow, Custom, or Clear. On iPhone lock press to do the same action.

Search results for custom dates are also improved. They now always prefer future dates, and there are more options when typing things like “Next”.

New keyboard shortcuts

You can now Zoom and “Reverse” Zoom (go up one level) with Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • Control + Option + right arrow: Zoom
  • Control + Option + left arrow: Reverse Zoom

And of course other small bug fixes and improvements…

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