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Keep organized with advanced Saved Searches

Saved Search

“Show me just what I need to see”

Airlist’s infinitely nested items gives you unlimited flexibility. But what was that one thing I need to do? I remember putting it in last week? That’s where saved searches come in.

Saved Searches are a powerful way to keep organized and filter just what you want.

To create a new Saved Search, press the + on the sidebar or select New Saved Search in Command Center.

Groups and Filters

Saved Searches consist of filters where you can filter based on the below. To add a new filter, press the +filter button.

  • Tags
  • Start Dates
  • Due Dates
  • Item text
  • Note text
  • Starred

Easily group your filters to add more granularity to Saved Searches. Each group allows organizing by:

  • ALL of the following…
  • ANY of the following…
  • NONE of the following…


Show all items with the tag @due.

Saved Search Example

Show items with a tag of @flag OR @today OR start/due date less than or equal to today AND not tagged @now.

Saved Search Example

Only Search Subset of Items

By Default, all items are searched in a Saved Search. To only search a subset of items, select Only Include Children Of…, then insert the item ID. The item ID can be found in the url: https:airlist.appa#ITEM_ID.

Sort Saved Search Results

The Sort by: dropdown allows you to sort the Saved Search results by:

  • Default
  • Tag
  • Due Date
  • Start Date
  • Created Date
  • Updated Date
  • Name
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